Triangle Fruits Feeder

RM 15.00

Our fruit feeder is safe for your baby


This listing is for one unit triangle fruit feeder only.

You may purchase it here or it can also be added together with clip type (teething beads) to make it a complete set (Feeder Clip).

Our fruit feeder is safe for your baby

      • Material : Polypropylene PP, Food Grade


    • Clean the product before use. It can be sterilized by steam or boiling for 3-5 minutes.
    • The amount of water should be sufficient when boiling and disinfecting, to avoid deformation of the parts of the product that come into contact with the bottom of the pot or the edge of the pot.
    • When loading foods like vegetables, meat, and fruits, it is necessary to remove hard objects such as pits and bones.

We at Charms Baby strongly recommend using the product under adult supervision.

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