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Natursutten Teether, PaciPouch & PaciPixy Comforter.


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Natursutten Teether, PaciPouch & PaciPixy Comforter.


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Natursutten Teether

Made from the exact same natural material as the Natursutten pacifier.

100% natural rubber, no harmful chemicals added.

When the baby’s first teeth erupt, the gums often tenderly over the erupting tooth tip. It can hurt and be uncomfortable for the child. To reduce discomfort and soothe the baby, it may help to ‘bite’ in something. The Natursutten’s Teether Toy can reduce the discomfort and massages the gums, helping teeth eruption.

Natursutten Teether Toy is made from pure natural rubber and complies extraordinarily to the same strict requirements that our Natursutten pacifiers. Because the material is exactly the same as we use to manufacture Natursutten pacifiers. You can rest assured that the teether toy you give to your child, is made of a natural material, and guaranteed free of harmful chemicals.

Meets all relevant requirements of the European standard for toys. CE-marked

Natursutten PaciPouch

PaciPouch is a little storage bag for your pacifier when on the go. It also works great as a soft cover for the 110ml glass baby bottle.

PaciPouch is made from 100% organic GOTS certified cotton and machine washable at 30℃/ 86℉.

Natursutten PaciPixy Comforter

PaciPixy is made from soft organic cotton, for your baby’s comfort and to keep the pacifier close.

Safe, soft comforter, and a sweet little friend for your baby’s playtime or when on the go.

PaciPixy’s arm has knots that are easy to grab and chew.

The flexible loop of Natursutten pacifier stretches easily over PaciPixy’s arm and attaches without clips, buttons, etc. keeping it a safe and soft addition; easy to hold on to and easy to find.

This toy doubles as a comforter and soother holder. It helps even small babies to hold on to their soother, without having to attach anything to their clothing. As baby outgrows the pacifier, PaciPixy®continues to be a soft and soothing friend.

PaciPixy is made from 100% organic GOTS certified cotton and machine washable at 30℃/ 86℉.

PaciPixy is proudly made in Europe to meet European safety standards and work ethics.



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Natursutten Teether, Natursutten PaciPouch, Natursutten PaciPixy Comforter

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